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    Style Trends

    How to Rock a Bodysuit Like Kim Kardashian

    How to Rock a Bodysuit Like Kim Kardashian

    Bodysuits can be intimidating. You look at this cute piece and think “but… how?” What do I wear it with? What will look good? What’s cute?

    Bodysuits have been a trend since 2010. For almost a decade women have added these pieces to their wardrobe for stylish, comfortable, and convenient outfits. They’re versatile! They’re quick! And they help you look on point immediately.

    The problem is we don’t always know how to turn them into a stylish trendy outfit right away. With so many styles (boho, athletic, structured, lace) you need some outfit inspo to really get into the mood and figure out how to make bodysuits “you”.

    That’s why it’s so nice to look to our style icons, our Instagram fashionistas, and our favorite celebs to see what they’re rocking – and see how easy it is to recreate.

    Kim Kardashian has been a fan of the bodysuit for years. She’s been rocking bodysuit outfits for a long time because they’re flattering and form fitting on many body types – especially curvy ladies like herself. 

    So we’ve grabbed some of her many paparazzi and IG snaps to get some ideas on how you can incorporate bodysuits into new trendy outfits today!

    Bodysuit and jeans

    Nothing says casual but stylish quite like a bodysuit and jeans. It’s so easy to pair and so comfortable! Cotton and stretchy; tees or tanks – these are the fashion staples that any girl can find in her closet.

    The benefit of the bodysuit is that it adds a level of purpose to the outfit. The tucked in nature of the bodysuit gives it a streamlined shape that accentuates your body and adds just a dash of sexiness. Plus tucking in the bodysuit eliminates wrinkles or bunched up fabric, making you look put together and polished.

    Kim Kardashian loves her bodysuits in jeans. She’s been snapped numerous times in various forms of the outfit.

    Here you can see a simple one color bodysuit in tan with a classic distressed jeans and some heels. Literally 3 pieces (that most of us already have!) that give her a polished look, stylish purpose, and flattering shape. It’s a casual style that still looks fashionable without even trying!


    Bodysuit and skirt

    If you’re looking to dress up a bodysuit – simply pair it with a cute skirt. It’s so versatile and can bring balance to an a-line skirt or maxi skirt just as easily as it pairs with a bodycon skirt or mini skirt.

    It provides the simple shape and flattering fit that gives you freedom to match any skirt style! A very easy way to make multiple outfits with the same top.

    Wear Bodysuit Like Kim Kardashian with Skirt

    Kim showcases that perfectly in a paparazzi snap of her look – a bodysuit with a pencil skirt and simple pumps. She stays stylish and summery with warm muted colors, but instantly makes the look modern and polished with a form-fitting pencil skirt. The pumps keep it classy, but with the bodysuit and pencil skirt being soft stretchy cotton – this is a look you can wear all day and be comfortable!

    Bodysuit and shorts

    Our last inspo is perfect for this upcoming spring and summer season. The perfect casual style of a bodysuit with shorts.

    In the warmer months, it’s all about the fabric. You want something lightweight and breathable. Something that’s easy to throw on to go to the beach, out on the town, or to your favorite summer concert.

    Bodysuits are great ways to put a look together while keeping it simple and easy to wear. Bodysuits with shorts are perfect because you can live in them all day and look cute without feeling uncomfortable.

    How to Wear a Bodysuit Like Kim Kardashian

    Kim shows a great example in this summer nighttime look the was pictured in. A simple white bodysuit tucked into jeans shorts and some statement sandals to grab attention.

    Rock Your Bodysuit

    Bodysuits maybe on trend and selling like hotcakes – but don’t be afraid of them! They’re easy to wear and make outfits look stylish with little to no effort. Plus they’re great staple pieces that you can make uniquely your style depending on how you pair them!

    So whether you want to look like Kim K, or want to make your own statement, grab a bodysuit and let the possibilities begin!

    2019 Style Trends To Look For

    Going into the new season means a fresh start with new projects, new adventures, and new styles. We’ve hunted the web and checked with fashion journal powerhouses like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle magazine to bring you the style trends you’re going to want to pay attention to!

    Here are our favorite 2019 trends to inspire you to reinvent yourself in this new season.

    Sunshine and Beaches

    Casual, effortless, and colorful. According to Harper’s Bazaar, “the girl in the baja hoodie and denim shorts, or the tie-dye tee and bucket hat, who just looks so effortlessly cool.”

    Harper’s Bazaar also mentions a love for crochet and seashells. “Embrace your inner mermaid,” they say. Don’t mind if I do!

    Keep a lookout for tie-dye items, loose fit casual styles, and vacation inspired pieces in the spring and summer collections here at Moon and Thorn!

    Sunshine and Beaches - a 2019 Style Trend

    Why we love this trend

    The sun and the sea are totally up our alley. The relaxing vibes of the coast: warm sun, beautiful waves, and nice sandy beaches. This casual beach style speaks perfectly to us! The soft textures and natural fabrics give you a relaxed, light feeling. Perfect for that California beach bunny image!

    Comfort and Cozy

    In a recent Vogue slideshow, showcasing the hits of the recent 2019 runway looks – it was apparent that texture was the focal point. Warm coats, soft layers, and fuzzy outerwear were prevalent in all the looks, often in muted natural tones like cream or olive.

    This is great for boho babes in colder climates! You can stay stylish and on trend will still staying warm in the snow.

    Check out the Ashley sweater, which features the same soft chunky texture and loose fit that is going to be big this year.

    Cozy and Casual - a 2019 Style Trend

    Why we love this trend

    The almost opposite of the beach vibes – this style is giving us all the winter cottage feels. We can imagine long walks through forests, and cozy fireplaces with warm drinks. The loose fits and natural fabrics are going to be comfortable and flattering on almost any body type. The warm colors and soft textures give you an inviting, welcoming look that is bound to get noticed.

    Daring Delicates

    Elle magazine noted that accessories are going to be big in 2019. Staw hats, for example. “We’re still obsessed with the straw bag, … wear it with its headgear equal.”

    They also note that fringe was all over many collections, showing up on shirts, dresses, coats, and jewelry. And embellished straps were a feminine touch to a standard spaghetti top.

    Don’t be surprised to find some of these delicate aspects to the Spring and Summer collection that will be launched later this year. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to see them when they launch!

    Daring Delicates - a 2019 Style Trend

    Why we love this trend

    These boho accessory pieces like fringe, straw hats, and embellished straps make us think rock and roll and edge. It’s perfect for babes who love to be daring, want to make a statement – and always stand out in a crowd. Plus they’re simple enough to add to any clothing item or jewelry piece without going overboard. Small fringe earrings or subtle stones on a tank are an easy way to dip your toe into the trend without feeling like you’re in the spotlight.


    We're stoked for 2019 and to see what style trends are going to come into play. While there are so many fashion choices out there to choose from - these casual, cute, boho stylish versions are our favorite! 

    Perfect for babes who love the beach, love nature, love to read, and love to follow their dreams. 

    Check out some of the items we currently have in stock or sign up for our email newsletter to be one of the first people to grab limited items when they're launched!

    Stay stylish babes! xoxo

    10 Ways to Rock the 2019 Color of the Year

    10 Ways to Rock the 2019 Color of the Year

    2019 Color of the Year is Coral!

    This color is right up our alley at Moon + Thorn.

    We put together 10 different items that you can incorporate into your life to bring in fresh modern trends with the newest color of the year.

    It’s amazing how a few new pieces can transform a space!

    Keep reading for a description and link to each of our 10 picks for ways you can rock the 2019 color of the year in your life!

    1. Coral Ottoman

    This cute coral ottoman from Walmart (I know, we’re shocked too!)

    It’s soft, it’s cozy, and it’s casual. We always appreciate that effortlessly cool look and a simple ottoman does just that.

    It uses natural textures to bring in the details without being too busy! It’s a perfect way to bring a new on style element to a space without having to redo the whole room.

    2. Coral Rug

    This fantastic colorful area rug from Wayfair. It brings color and texture to a room with warm tones and soft features. Perfect for making sure the space feels welcoming and cozy.

    We love the vintage pattern brought up to date with more modern colors. It makes a bold statement.

With a rug like this – you can easily make a room feel decorated by a designer without adding many pieces. This rug takes the show!

    3. Coral USB Cable

    This super useful USB charging cable by Urban Outfitters. Who says technology can’t be stylish?

    These simple USB cables are perfect for keeping your tech goods cute and fun, and you won’t mind them sitting out on a desk this way.

    4. Coral Pillow

    This luxurious pillow from Target. Velvet with fringe? Yes, please!

    We love the gypsy fringe and velvet texture. It brings drama to a room without being overwhelming. Perfect for a bedroom or living room accent.

    Target has put out some great boho pieces this season!

    5. Coral Shower Curtain

    This cute paisley shower curtain with coral accents from Amazon. Proof that you can find stylish pieces on Amazon if you know where to look.

    This paisley pattern is perfect for a small bathroom. The majority of it being white will help the space feel open, while the warm coral pattern keeps the space feeling inviting and comfortable.

    6. Coral Tapestry

    This fun nouveau coral tapestry from West Elm. Tapestries are really on trend right now for home décor – and this one takes it to the next level.

    Featuring multiple colors with alternating patterns, fringe, and brass hardware detailing – it’s sure to be eye-catching in a room.

    7. Coral Teacups

    These delicate little teacups by Anthropologie.

    Anthropologie is known for whimsical, feminine home goods, and these mugs are perfect examples of that.

    The watercolor texture makes it look handmade, and the color brings that fresh style. It combines vintage with modern for a look that’s super fun to use!

    8. Coral Phone Case

    This feminine coral and rose gold phone case from Etsy.

    Super delicate with gold strings in the marble pattern – this phone case looks like a million bucks. Perfect for fashion babes who know how to accessorize their look.

    9. Coral Poster

    This delicate coral art print from Society6. Who doesn’t love how art changes a room? It’s true! Whether or not you go for photographs, paintings, scripts, or other art pieces – the art on the walls reflects your style as a person.

    This print brings a warm, feminine, boho vibe. Perfect for the upcoming warm months!

    10. Coral Chair from Dot&Bo

    This lovely mid-century modern accent chair in coral from Dot&Bo. Perfect addition for a comfy accent to a living room or bedroom.

    Why we love this chair? It’s a great combo of mid-century modern design coupled with the new fresh 2019 color of the year!

    Perfect for a living room or office – it brings style without being overwhelming. Add a cute white pillow and you have a complete look!

    2019 Color of the Year

    Style is our passion. It was super fun to take the 2019 color of the year and see how we can use it in stylish ways that fit a boho girls dream.

    What piece was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!