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    Boho fashion boutique for women

    Moon + Thorn is an online boutique dedicated to providing good quality boho fashion pieces to stylish, feminine, creative women.

    Every item is carefully curated and selected so you only find unique, stylish, and quality pieces. This means smaller collections with fashionable and sought-after items and no scrolling through endless pages of boring or mediocre clothes. 

    If you're new here, I suggest checking out our new arrivals section. Because we spend so much time curating pieces, stock is often limited and sells out quickly.

    I started Moon + Thorn because I couldn't find a store that spoke to me and my girlfriends. We wanted cute clothes, but good quality, and we didn't want the basic clubwear clothes that you find all over Instagram. 

    We wanted clothes with style! We wanted them to be cute and whimsical. A little bit different, more boho. We look for dreamy and edgy clothes that match our personalities.

    So I decided to start my own store. I want to serve my customers and give them the joy of finding cute unique pieces that make girls stop and say "Ooo where did you get that!" 

    Be sure to stay in touch so you can grab items when they launch. Sign up for email or follow us on Facebook or Instagram!